Access Google without a Google Email Account

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I work with several not-for-profit groups (and a few other informal groups) and we have found the Google Site and Google Group services to be very useful. They are powerful, easy to manage and free! But Google is a business and they want to know who is using their services. While it is possible to access these services without a Google account, you must still register your email address to sign in.


[If you have not already registered your email address with Google, do so by following these directions; you DO NOT need to have a Google email account!]

  1. Go to the protected site or click the link in the site invitation (or go to http: and click, “sign in”)
  2. Click the red “sign up” button in the upper right corner of the window
  3. Enter the requested information (does not have to be a Google email) and click “create my account”
  4. Go back to the protected site and sign in with the email address / password just set up; if you click “stay signed in,” the browser will remember your password
  5. Accept the invitation (see your site administrator if you have no invitation)
  6. You are in!


Web browsing is everywhere and Google is synonymous with web browsing. Anyone who has been online for more than a few minutes (if you are reading this article, you are a candidate), may have already associated their non-Google email address with a Google Account and simply forgotten the fact. Believe me, it is very easy to do! How can you tell?

When you go to a Google Site (used to create personal or group websites and may be protected with security) or visit a Google Group (used for group distribution lists and keeps a record of messages sent), you are asked to “Sign in.” See Figure A, if this is what the login looks like, you have already associated your non-Google address with a Google Account. The process above won’t help.

Google Sign in where a non-Google email has already been associated with a Google Account.

If your “Sign in” screen looks like this, you will need to recover your username or password (or both). Click the link immediately below the large blue “Sign in” button labeled, “Can’t access your account?” and follow the instructions. You’ll need access to the email application where you receive messages associated with your email address.

However, if your “Sign in” screen looks like Figure B, the process above should work for you! Wait! You say. What’s the difference? These screens look identical! Aha, but they are not. Look in the upper right corner, the red “Sign up” button is the main thing that is different. If you see this button, your email address has not yet been associated with a Google Account and you can follow the 6-step procedure outlined here.

Google Sign in screen where the email address HAS NOT been associated with a Google Account

Good luck and happy surfing!

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3 Responses to “Access Google without a Google Email Account”

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Nope. Step 3 no longer works.

Tell me more… I just used it last night.

hklibrarian, you were correct — in part. The process has now been simplified and is now six instead of seven steps. I’ve updated the blog article to reflect two screen captures that help users identify when their non-Google email has already been associated with Google. Please take a look and let me know if this conforms to your experience.

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